Honor Athletics is a sports agency with a heavy focus on community and trying to change lives for the better. In 2009/2010 when I returned home from playing abroad, I noticed that in the community there were a lot of talented individuals without an outlet and information to further their playing careers. What I did was take them from Milwaukee, WI to Charlotte, NC to give them an opportunity at a shot to play professionally abroad via an organization called Usa Team Select.

This was a huge success right away. It went from just taking players to NC to training sessions throughout the year, filming these training sessions, promoting the athlete abroad and educating the athlete on everything basketball and financial related.

The Goal of Honor Athletics is to take the athlete that may not have the resources or know-how to continue a professional playing career, give them the stage to showcase their talents on professional level. In addition to placing players abroad, the primary focus is to educate the athlete in all that comes along with being a professional and beyond.  

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Honor Athletics mission is to empower and educate local athletes that are looking to further their professional career by providing them the exposure and opportunity to perform that would not otherwise be available to them in smaller market. 

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